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People are often surprised to discover that toddlers as young as 2 are learning how to skate but the basic premise is if they can walk, then they can learn to move on the ice with the correct guidance.

At the age of 2 children are just beginning to develop the skills required to take part in sport such as teamwork and the ability to follow directions, so it is important to pick something that will be safe and provide a positive experience.

Ice skating lessons for toddlers are a great way for your little ones to develop their motor skills and build confidence in themselves while having fun.

Toddlers will of course be too young to understand the technique behind Ice Skating but we turn the simplest of movements into games that they can understand and therefore get enjoyment out of.

Should you wish to join your toddler during his or her lesson this is also possible although not essential – and don’t forget to wrap them up in warm clothes and gloves!

Please visit my bookings page if you’d like to arrange a lesson or wish to contact me further with any questions.

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