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Can I have a private lesson with my friends/family?

Yes – you are welcome to share your lesson with whomever you wish to bring along. There could be two of you, or there could be ten of you! Please contact me for prices and availability.

How long are the lessons?

That is your choice! Minimum lesson length is 15 minutes, and they go up in 15 minute increments accordingly; so you can have 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. On average most pupils have 30 minute lessons.

Do I need my own skates to have lessons?

No you do not – skate hire is readily available at the ice rink throughout the week on the public skating sessions. However should you wish to come on patch ice instead, you will need your own skates for that.

What is patch ice?

Patch ice is private training ice. To use patch you must have your own skates (figure skates only – no hockeys) and you should be above a Level 4 Skate UK. Once you have reached that level in your private lessons we can move you onto patch ice should you wish.

Is there a cancellation procedure?

Yes – the standard cancellation procedure for lessons is 48 hours’ notice. If you fail to notify outside of this time period you will still be charged the full price for the lesson.

What should I wear?

Remember that ice rinks are cold, but also that you will be having a work out so will get hot very quickly. Therefore it is wise to wear a nice warm jumper or fleece, but with something underneath in case you want to strip off! During lessons your coach will need to be able to see your hips and legs so avoid wearing any tops or jackets that are long. Also you need to be able to move freely so please avoid wearing anything that restricts movement such as skirts or jeans. Leggins and tracksuit bottoms are just fine. Don’t forget your gloves!

Is there an entry fee too?

Yes – it’s £7.50 for any of the patch ice sessions, and the public sessions range from £6-£10 depending on age, and whether or not you need to hire skates. When you enquire to book a lesson I will be able to specify exact cost for entry. Also please see my timetable for more information.

Can I stay on after my lesson to practice?

Of course! When you pay your entry fee that entitles you to a full session, and on average the sessions are 3 hours. So you can have your lesson anytime during that session, and use the ice afterwards to practice.

Is there somewhere I can watch my son/daughter/husband/wife/etc while they have their lesson?

Absolutely! There is plenty of seating around the rink and also a nice warm café that faces out onto the ice.

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