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So you have decided you want to learn how to ice skate!

Let me begin by saying that you have made an excellent choice – ice skating is a wonderful sport to become involved in.

As well as improving your muscle tone, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and stamina, it offers a huge sense of freedom and is a lot of fun. Ice Skating is one of the rare sports that manages to be both artistic and athletic – and has something to offer everybody.

  • So perhaps you have been watching ITV’s Dancing on Ice and fancy yourself as a figure skater?
  • Maybe you want to join your local Ice Hockey team but need to learn beginners ice skating lessons?
  • Simply bored of jogging and the gym and want to try a different approach to getting fit?
  • Retired and would like to do something fun for a hobby?
  • Or maybe you just want to learn some cool tricks to show off to friends?

Whatever your reason, and whatever your age or ability – there is an ice skating lesson waiting for you.

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