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Oh, to be a Synchro Team Captain….

It is hard work being the captain of a Synchronised Skating Team, and a great deal of responsibility too. Especially when you’re many years away from being an adult and being able to understand what a responsibility it is!

Meet Darcey (11), Kaile (11) and Olivia (13) – all Captains of the Basic Novice team ‘Supernova’. They talk about what Synchro means to them.

What do you like most about being a Synchro Skater?

Darcey: “I like that we have each other’s back and work together as a team. We are focused on achieving goals and improving what we have already done. I enjoy Synchro so much and I’m excited to see what we do next but above all, the best is seeing how far we have come and being a team.”

Kaile: “The thing I like most about Synchro is that you create amazing relationships with people.”

Olivia: “I love Synchro because its feels like we are a part of something special – a group of 16 skaters put their trust into the team to protect them during the program. I love the chills you feel while skating and smiling at your team mates. You put your all into a 3 minute program that you have been working on for months, and to see everyone’s individual progress is amazing.”

What is your favourite Synchro moment so far?

Darcey: “Mine is when I first became Captain and we won competitions – I was able to go on the podium and I felt proud that we won. We got medals and came home feeling very overwhelmed!”

Kaile: “My favourite moment was when all the teams started singing song on the coach on the way to the British Championships!”

Olivia: “Scoring 27.51 at the Skate London Synchro 2019 Competition. It was a fantastic score and as a captain I could not be more proud of each individual’s strength come to light. I was so excited that day that I cried of happiness while remembering all the hard work dedicated to that competition!”

What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a Synchro Skater?

Darcey: “My advice would be that there is no ‘I’ in team and you need to skate by feeling the strengths and weaknesses of the people beside you. You have got to remember to listen to your coach and encourage others. It only works if you skate as a team and you have the right attitude towards it, but most of all it’s the best fun you can ever have so enjoy it while it lasts!”

Kaile: “My tip would be to just be yourself because people will accept you for who you are.”

Olivia: “Enjoy yourself! You have to find what you’re doing fun and exhilarating. It has to make your heart pound of adrenalin at the thought of it! You will also have to trust your team – they’ll care for you and will become your family.”


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