Xmas Ice Skating in London!


The nights are drawing darker, the mornings colder and there is a distinct chilliness in the air. Summer has said goodbye and Autumn has arrived – so people’s minds are turning to Xmas which is fast approaching. Just 50 days until they switch on the lights in Oxford Street I believe!

Xmas – the smell of mulled wine and spices, the excitement in the air, the twinkly lights, the decorations, the present-buying, and the ice skating…………

Yes Xmas is the time when all the pretty outdoor rinks fling open their doors all over London for a couple of months during the festive period. Somerset House, Broadgate, Canary Wharf, National History Museum, Hampton Court, Tower of London, Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Wembley………….. this is just half of the list of outdoor rinks in London. So much choice – and they all have their own unique settings and scenery that make them a memorable experience.

Well, a wonderful experience for people who can skate that is.

You’ve spent upwards of £15 for an hour’s skating ticket, and that’s leaving off the public transport expenses, the lunch/dinner, that belgian waffle with nutella your youngest wanted, the coffee you needed because your hands are frozen, etc. So here you are at a picturesque setting, with Xmas ballads playing and the lights on the Xmas tree twinkling, but you’re clinging onto the rails with your feet slipping while your kids fly past you, giggling.

It’s not what you had imagined in your head when you planned to do some Xmas Ice Skating in London.

Well all hope is not lost – you can book a lesson for you, or for you and your partner, or for your whole family to pick up some tips to get away from the barriers and actually be able to enjoy your outdoor ice skating experience.

Please click here for information on ice skating lessons, or contact me if you would like to book in a session.

Happy Skating!