Ice Skating for the Queen

So in 1992 I was among the 34 skaters picked to perform at a Military Tattoo in Berlin, Germany. It was named ‘The Last Tattoo’ and was a tribute to mark the withdrawal of British troops from Berlin, who were no longer required once Germany became reunited after the fall of the Berlin wall. The Tattoo was held at ‘Deutschlandhalle’, a stadium similar to Earl’s Court that seated 5000 people. Tickets for the show sold out within hours so another two shows were added for the public.

The first performance was held on Tuesday 20th October 1992, in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

For those of you that have ever seen a Military Tattoo you will understand that this was a spectacular display of military music, horses, dancers, a choir, special effects and fireworks. We skated to a choreographed routine as ‘The Four Elements’ in stunning costumes to music played by a live Orchestra.

I can hand on heart say this is the proudest moment of my life, and one I will remember always.





The Last Tattoo in Berlin 1992

The Last Tattoo in Berlin 1992